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Oskar Pernefeldt    |

"12 Air is the airline that will help the traveler to discover uncommon destinations. The concept is that the airline company launches 12 new destinations every year. The twist is that they only fly there once.

The company provides the traveler with the necessary tools such as map, disposable camera, etc. to find their own experience of the place. The target audience is culturally adventurous people who want to discover the country for what they are. Our purpose is to bring out your inner curiosity and openness. In collaboration with Sara Rutberg, Kimberly Ihre and Jens Löfgren.”

Oskar Pernefeldt is a student at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, Sweden. He is focused on art direction, graphic design, typography and branding.

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Designer of the week - 04/11/2013

Adam Dixon   |

Adam Dixon, designer currently living in the great state of North Carolina. I like clean typography, good logos, and nice web layouts. I often listen to Independent music I don’t even like just to make myself look more cultured. It feels good to get that off my chest.

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Work Genealogies, 2013 by Anna Dusza-Mierzwa from Poland


4D Type, 2011 by Lo Siento from Spain

“4D Typography is the result of intersectioning, in an orthogonal way in space, two extrusions of the same character, which allows the spectator to read it from, minimum, two different positions in space.

An observer searching to enjoy a particular architecture, is forced to move around and through it. The change in perspective generates new spaces in which light acts in different ways. In this case, it is the typography who makes the effort of abandoning its two dimensions to approach the architectural sense. It does not resign with a third dimension; a fourth one is necessary to complete the reading possibilities. By hanging the typography, the reader is allowed to surround the characters in order to understand all their shapes.”

Cyriak - Cows & Cows & Cows

Jovan Todorovic - Photographe

Choros from Michael Langan on Vimeo.


Choros By Michael Langan


Ontour - A/W 2011 - On Strike, 2011 by Raw Color from Netherlands

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Lina Forsgren   |

“The brief was to make an identity for a band’s album. This identity is for an album by Astropol. The music is much about broken hearts. I formed a city of houses / a body of organs out of plaster. Each organ tells a broken heart story – a song. The identity consists of a double record vinyl, posters, stickers and web.”

I’m a freelancer / Design college student specializing in Graphic design and Illustration and in between that, most things included in visual communication. It’s what I love to do.

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Les visuels que j’ai présentés ci-dessus proviennent du site de “Violaine et Jeremy”, une agence travaillant dans l’édition, le web, identités visuelles… Ils font donc preuve d’une grande polyvalence, j’ai choisi de mettre en avant leurs illustrations par facilité de choix mais j’aurais très bien les remplacés par des projets d’édition qui sont eux-mêmes de grandes qualités et très originaux. Vous pouvez suivre leur travaux sur leur site :

ou sur facebook :

et évidemment vous procurer les différents livre, magazine qu’ils produisent.


Sam Curtis    |

“A brief set by YCN to create excitement and awareness about Douwe Egberts. I decided to rebrand the whole company. Project includes logo design, wax seal stamp and letter heading, a booklet celebrating Douwe Egbert’s rich heritage, packaging, website design, a poster campaign and a TV advert.”

Sam Curtis is a London based illustrator/designer. His passion for photography and design culminate in works that focus on isolating elements of photos and textures to create clean cut and simple imagery.

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